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Aerospace Logistics Services

We understand that exceptional speed, cargo care and precision are the minimum demands of the aerospace and aviation industry.  Any aerospace operation you undertake requires a reliable and experienced partner.

WTDC’s specialized aerospace and aviation logistics division handles airlines, aircraft engine manufacturers, overhaul & repair shops and specialist contractors. Whether serving a small, specialized company or the largest multinational, WTDC is committed to personal customer service. As a global service provider, we can handle the most straightforward scenarios, but also the most challenging situations and environments.

WTDC’s bonded facilities and aerospace & aviation inventory management system provide an additional benefit to our customers as they are able to maintain products by deferring the duties, tariffs etc until these products will be re-exported or processed out of the warehouse. Many of WTDC’s customers who manufacture aviation and biosecurity products utilize this cost effective strategy for their aerospace distribution supply chain.


Inventory control, distribution and Cargo Handling

  • Propulsion Engines
  • Power systems and Auxiliary power units
  • Avionics & Electronics
  • Engine Controls
  • Wheels and Brakes
  • Communication, Navigation and Identification systems
  • Displays
  • Safety products (lifejackets, rafts, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors)
  • Aircraft spare parts (airframe, electrical, avionics, engine & interior equipment)
  • Consumables (oils, greases, hydraulic fluids, sealants, adhesives, filters)