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WTDC has extensive knowledge and expertise in Brazil's unique commercial, corporate, and duties/taxes arenas. With more than 20 years of experience dealing with US and Brazilian customs, our capabilities include a legal division specialized with international trade and customs regulation. We provide the entire logistics process, taking care of all the steps beginning with the P.O, until delivery of the goods to the destination, including:

• Consultant for international logistics management in export and import best practices.
• Provides legal advice specialized in foreign trade, taxes, import/export documentation, and operational validation.
• Our team of Customs Brokers is part of the board of the National Federation of Customs Brokers in Brazil (https://www.feaduaneiros.org.br/).
• Handles export docs advisement and orientation, including QC -quality control, the physical validation of products before shipment departures from origin, which ultimately helps in avoiding potential customs problems at the arrival of the goods in Brazil.
• Guidance with the financial flow of the operation and the consolidation process (origin and destination) with their respective receipts.
• Assists with exchanges, repairs, and or returns to the origin of imported products in Brazil.


WTDC proudly announces our new logistics office in São Paulo, Brazil. A local presence in São Paulo allows WTDC to better serve its customers shipping to and from Brazil, particularly with Brazil's intricate import customs and duties. Sergio Brandao Filho, WTDC Business Development Manager – Brazil Trade Lane, brings more than 20 years operating with Customs and Logistics in Brazil to our team and will manage the São Paulo office. In coordination with local partner GNH Logistics, WTDC will be able to offer seamless door to door logistics services.