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WTDC is Foreign Trade Zone 281, Site 4, family owned and operated by the Gazitua family since its founding in 1977. We are a full service logistics company specializing in international distribution and global transportation management. WTDC provides transportation services via Road, Rail, Air or Ocean.

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WTDC Newsletter: PortMiami expands Perishables position


PortMiami has been working with the USDA in a cold treatment pilot program for perishables since 2013. As the closest US port of call to Latin America, PortMiami is a natural gateway for perishables but concerns over bug infestations formerly required shipping some fruits all the way north to ports past the 39th parallel (Philadelphia became the hub of choice) then trucking the fruits back down to the southeast. Treatments can now be done at sea or prior to export on select fruits and citrus, thereby reducing the time to market. Click to read more


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