Port Miami growing its perishable traffic from Latin America

Port Miami has been working with the USDA in a cold treatment pilot program for perishables since 2013. As the closest US port of call to Latin America, Port Miami is a natural gateway for perishables but concerns over bug infestations formerly required shipping some fruits all the way north to ports past the 39th parallel (Philadelphia became the hub of choice) then trucking the fruits back down to the southeast. Treatments can now be done at sea or prior to export on select fruits and citrus, thereby reducing the time to market.

Eric Olafson, Port Miami Trade Development and Foreign Trade Zone 281, was interviewed by Fruitnet’s Jeff Long in an article published Monday on perishables at Port Miami: Port Miami broadens its appeal. Click here for the article

Brazil’s national spirit Cachaça

in the Olympic spotlight

It seems that no media segment covering the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro would be complete without live preparation of a Caipirinha, a simple cocktail consisting of Cachaça, raw sugar, and lime wedges over ice. The Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil and Cachaça is the country’s national spirit derived from pure sugarcane at an alcohol content between 38 to 48 percent alcohol by volume.

Did you know? Cachaça was formally recognized as a distinct product by the U.S. as part of a 2012 trade deal that reciprocated designations for Tennessee whiskey and Bourbon whiskey as distinctly American. These labels ensure that only the products produced in their native region can be labeled and sold within the other country, much like how the ‘Champagne’ moniker is reserved for vintages produced in northern France.

Forbes: Cachaca And Caipirinha: Get To Know Brazil’s National Spirit And Drink While Watching The Olympics

Safety update: MDPD assists in WTDC fire drill

On August 10th, WTDC conducted a fire drill so that all WTDC employees and Tenants could become familiar with proper evacuation procedures. WTDC has been doing these fire drills twice per year with the assistance of our fire alarm company AFA and the Miami Dade Police Department. Each fire drill has proven to be more efficient than the last, with all tenants and employees clearing the building this drill in just over 2 minutes.

Recap of DBC Signature Breakfast:

Sizzling Hot Trade Talk

On August 9th, the Doral Business Council (DBC) hosted the “Sizzling Hot Trade Talk,” part of its monthly Signature Breakfast series.  Ralph L. Gazitua, WTDC President & CEO, shared his experiences on the changing business climate with Cuba and discussed how the global economy can have a direct effect on the logistics industry.

International Business Reporter for the Miami Herald Mimi Whitefield moderated a panel of International Trade speakers including Elena Mendez, Eastern Region Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank), Victor Mora, Managing Director of Lennox Global, and J.Steven Fancher, President & CEO of Florida Export Finance Corp (FEFC), and Mr. Gazitua.

Florida Export Finance Corp (FEFC) is a not-for-profit corporation with the mandate to expand employment and income opportunities to Florida residents by increased exports of goods and services resulting from assistance given by the FEFC to Florida. For more information on their programs to assist Florida based exporters, you can visit their website www.fefc.biz

Barbara Pimentel, Executive Vice President/Director for the Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association (FCBF) pictured with Ralph L. Gazitua, President & CEO of WTDC at the DBC Signature Breakfast on August 9, 2016.