Deciphering Miami’s Foreign Trade Zones’ Advantages: An Opening to International Trade

Gaining a strategic advantage can mean the difference between success and stagnation in the fast-paced realm of global trade. Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) provide a doorway to increased efficiency, cost savings, and competitive advantage for companies looking to improve their global operations. Miami is one of the most well-known centers of FTZ activity. It’s a […]

Demystifying Freight Forwarding: Your Guide To a Smooth Shipment with WTDC

The smooth flow of commodities across borders is essential to the global trade industry. However, understanding the shipping process can be intimidating for companies that are not familiar with the complexities of logistics. This is where freight forwarders come in, serving as your knowledgeable advisors to make sure your goods get to their destination quickly […]

Choosing the Right Drayage Provider

In the ever-changing world of freight forwarding, the smooth operation of every link in the supply chain is essential. Dragging, or moving products over short distances, usually from a port to a nearby warehouse or distribution hub, is one such essential link. The profitability of your company can be greatly impacted by your choice of […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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WTDC Newsletter – October 17th, 2023   President’s Corner Fall is in the air this week! We have decided to open three internship positions for students this fall. Operations and Customer Service Intern Brianna Page started this week. We have been so impressed with the qualification and preparation of students we have met through FIU […]

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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WTDC Newsletter – September 11, 2023   President’s Corner September traditionally marks the beginning of a busy season for our duty free and travel retail clients. WTDC is working with local partners to accommodate large overflow inventory projects as we continue to grow new services such as our global door to door transportation for pharmaceuticals. […]

MIA – Modernization in Action

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MIA – Modernization in Action WTDC Newsletter – June 6, 2023 President’s Corner With Memorial Weekend in the rearview and schools out for summer, finally we are now in the full swing of rainy season in South Florida. Furthermore, WTDC is built above dock height and not in a flood plain. Lastly, WTDC is not […]