Foreign Trade Zone

WTDC is a Foreign Trade Zone in Miami, FL. FTZ 281, Site 4. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) status can be a successful cost reduction tool for companies importing or exporting in the United States.  WTDC has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the establishment, implementation and operational phases of Foreign Trade Zones as well as Customs Bonded Warehousing Operations, including selection and implementation of Software Packages to manage the various processes.


WTDC provides Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Public Warehousing and Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Consulting. FTZ-281 in Miami, FL enables Alternative Site Framework (ASF) sites to maintain their own Foreign Trade Zone.


  • Deferment of Duties
  • Simplified Manipulation process
  • Duty Drawback to a FTZ
  • Save time with electronic Customs Documentation
  • Simplified inventory management (No need to separate entries)
  • Weekly or monthly summary entries (MPF savings)
  • Quarterly HMF Reporting (Harbor Maintenance Fee)
  • Savings on Closeouts