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“WTDC trusted me to take on challenging projects and helped me through every step.”

- Adrian V., FIU


“WTDC is the gateway to your career aspirations.”

- Miguel P., FIU

“WTDC is a family owned business, and it truly feels like family!”

- Darya R., Barry

“WTDC’s internship program offers a unique hands on experience…”

- David L., FIU



As WTDC interns, many were able to excel in their roles. WTDC is grateful for all the interns to have done their internship with us and allow us to teach and learn with them. Now we want to stay connected and see how they have advanced after their internship. We aim to create an atmosphere that will allow past interns to use WTDC as a lifelong resource in the pursuit of success in the professional world!




Name: Daniel Fajardo     

Education: Bachelors in International Relations/ Minor in Business, FIU '18

Current Employment : WTDC Accounting Specialist

Past employment: Medusind -  C&C Global Marketing

WTDC internship role: Operations Assistant

WTDC intern Date: December 2017-February2018



Name: Jacob Lipman 

Education: Ohio University Bachelors of Specialized Studies in Political Science and Public Administration

Current Employment:  n/a

Past employment: Intern at Monument Real estate services  

WTDC internship role: Sales and Marketing – Concierge Service – Time management – intern alumni  

WTDC intern Date: Fall 2018



Name: Cristina Neuman

Education: FIU Law, Juris Doctor, 2013 FIU, Bachelor in Business Administration with Concentration in International Business, minor in Political Science, 2010 

Current Employment: Immigration Attorney in Miami, FL, 2016 to Present. 

Past employment: Immigration, Municipal, Family Law Attorney in Dayton, OH, 2013-2016.

WTDC internship role: Marketing Intern

WTDC intern Date: January-April 2010



Name: Oscar Marruecos

Education: MIami Dade College 

Current Employment WTDC, CSR and Account Lead          

Past employment: Marketing Assistant

WTDC internship role: Marketing and Sales focused on the website

WTDC intern Date: January 2017



Name: Mathew P. Hertzog 

Education: Florida State University, B.S. Economics, B.S. International affairs 

Current Employment: Vice President, Commercial Loan officer at Centennial Bank

Past employment: Associate Analyst at Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust

WTDC internship role: Sales and Marketing intern



Name: Sofia Garcia Wolter

Education: Public Relations & Communications at FIU

Current Employment: Main Street Hub 

Past employment: Maison de Mode and Cece Feinberg PR

WTDC internship role: Started as sales and marketing but moved to operations.

WTDC intern Date: 2014-2015 



Name: Rafhael Petry Castro 

Education: Bachelors degree in International Relations (FIU) minor in Business 

Current employment: Crowley Maritime 

WTDC Internship Role: Business Development & Marketing - intern South America 

WTDC intern Date: January 2014-Nov-2014 



Name: Adrien Vanpoperinghe

Education: FIU – Finance & International Business 

Current Employment: CNA Financial – Financial Analysis Consultant 

Past Employment: CNA Financial – Strategy and Execution Senior Analyst

WTDC internship role: Sales & Marketing 

WTDC intern date: April – May 2012



Name: Ivy Sousa Lellis 

Education: MS in Engineering Management at FIU 

Current Employment: Process improvement Coordinator at FIU health 

Past Employment: Office Manager at FIU Engineering Center

WTDC internship role: started in Marketing and sales /Operations and customer service

WTDC internship role: Aug 14 – Dec 15



Name: Carlos Benito 

Education: FIU 

Current Employment: WTDC operations 

Past Employment: Puma retail store 

WTDC internship role: Marketing intern 

WTDC intern Date: Mid- to end 2017 



Name: Paolo A. Ariano

Education: B.A in Economics (May 2019)

Current Employment: Real Estate & Internship at WTDC

Past employment: Real Estate

WTDC internship role: Sales and Marketing 

WTDC intern Date: 11/7/2018 



Name: Philipp Hanna

Education Bachelors in Business Administration - Finance and International Business

Present Employment: Hillstone Restaurant Group Manager in Training

Past Employment: English Teacher in Spain

WTDC Internship Role: Logistics and Marketing Intern

WTDC Intern Date: August 2015-December 2015



Name: Orianna Camargo

Education: double major in International Business and Management at Barry University

Current Employment: Resident Assistant at Barry University

Past employment: Barry University student leader roles

WTDC internship role: Intern at the Department of transportation

WTDC intern Date: June – July 2017



Name: Christopher Alfaro 

Education: G Holmes Braddock high school 

Past Employment: WTDC intern

WTDC internship role: Sales and Marketing intern

WTDC intern Date: June 25th- July 30th  2018 



Name: Felipe Angulo                      

Education: Bachelors in International Business and Management 

Current Employment:  Aide to Mayor Carlos Gimenez 

Past employment: Customer Service Representative at WTDC 

WTDC internship role: Osha/Warehouse Compliance assistance 

WTDC intern Date: Summer of 2014



Name: Adrian Fernandez-Romani

Education: Bachelors in Marketing (FIU)

Current Employment: Customer Service Supervisor at WTDC

Past employment: FTZ Administrator at Schenker Inc.

WTDC internship role: FTZ / Sales & Marketing

WTDC intern Date: 9/2012 - 1/2013



Name: Darya Ortega Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in international Business Cum Laude Current Employment: Intermodal Tank Transport Past Employment: Den HartoghWTDC internship role: marketing internshipWTDC intern Date: Sept 2012



Name: Marco Junior Cardillo

Education: MDC

Current Employment: WTDC

Past employment: Brainfreeze Doral 

WTDC internship role: Operations

WTDC intern Date: June



Name: Maria F. Quero 

Education: Ronald Reagan Doral Senior High School 

Current Employment: Sushi Runner Doral  

Past employment: Aeropostale 

WTDC internship role: Social Media & Marketing. Started and worked on the WTDC Intern Alumni Reengagement program during my summer internship. Part of the first high school interns.

WTDC Intern Date: July 10-21, 2017 for 2 weeks



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