This week WTDC staffers began tuning in twice per day to continuing education seminars hosted by their fellow coworkers. In an effort to keep staff engaged and motivated in a time that might otherwise be slower than their pre-pandemic workday, the daily seminars are an excellent cross-training for our staff and allow opportunities for social interaction; something that can be sorely missed with so many of us working from home.WTDC Transportation Manager Castell Chavez is taking the lead during this first week. After an overview of air, ocean, and intermodal, she will dive into industry documentation, regulations, and incoterms. In the coming weeks, each member of our management team will deliver seminars on the processes that drive their departments.WTDC’s Health and Wellness program began its programming again this week too, albeit via Zoom meeting. Each day at noon, WTDC employees participate in a 30 minute stretching and yoga session led by WTDC General Manager Vera Gazitua. We believe that keeping a sound mind and a sound body during this pandemic is crucial to our well being. We encourage you to get active as well!