Miami Bonded Warehouse

A bonded warehouse is where goods that are held while the taxes or duties on those goods are unpaid. WTDC has a bonded warehouse in Miami that is used by importers and exporters to store their goods while kept in joint custody of the importer and/or the agent, as well as the customs officers. As wtdc is the premiere company in Miami to use as a bonded warehouse, a customs bond is posted with the government and the bonded warehouse in Miami is run by our private enterprise.

As Miami is the central location for importing and exporting goods from South America, Central America, and across the globe to send goods to and through the United States, there is a great deal on cargo and goods that needs to be held in our bonded warehouse. A warehouse that is run by a private enterprise like WTDC can be the most efficient way to store goods that are in transit, as we have a variety of systems and services in place to make every aspect of importing and exporting faster, easier, and inexpensive.

Bonded warehouses over time have become more modern and efficient, and Miami, being such a central part of import and export in the Western hemisphere, is no exception to the vast development of technologies. Bonded warehouses like WTDC provide specialized storage services like deep freeze and bulk liquid storage. Other services of bonded warehouses that are needed in Miami include commodity processing, coordination of transportation, and robust software management services. All of these intricacies are crucial to expedite the process of the import and transit of goods across the globe. In fact, bonded warehouses like those in Miami are truly an integral part of the entire global supply chain.