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August 2nd Newsletter: Vera Gazitua promoted to General Manager, MDC Trade-Up

Posted on August 2nd, 2017 at 4:22 pm

Vera Gazitua promoted to General Manager


Congratulations to Vera Gazitua on her recent promotion to General Manager of WTDC. Ms. Gazitua has most recently been Office Manager and Accounting Manager at WTDC, building upon her previous years of experience in the Freight Forwarding industry.





MDC Trade-Up Program Finale


WTDC hosted 5 interns from Miami-Dade College’s Trade-Up Summer Internship program. The program introduces high school students to trade and logistics for two weeks after some classroom instruction on the topic.


D’Andre Anderson and Ashley McPhee from Miami Central Senior High School assisted in our Customer Service and Operations. Ronald Reagan Senior High School students Alejandra Leal, Kyanna Bonner, and Maria Quero  supported the Sales & Marketing Department.


WTDC was very pleased with the maturity and technical skills of the Interns. Even if their time was short, they made a great impact and livened up the workplace!


Would your company like to participate in the Trade-Up Summer Internship Program next year? Click here for additional details.



From Left to Right: Sean P. Gazitua, WTDC President CEO, Ashley McPhee, Maria Quero, Kyanna Bonner, D’Andre Anderson, Alejandra Leal, and Vera Gazitua, WTDC General Manager.



WTDC Chairman, Ralph L. Gazitua, pictured with Kyanna Bonner and Alejandra Leal, two WTDC interns at their MDC Trade-Up graduation ceremony.



Get fit with WTDC


As part of the roll-out of WTDC's Health and Wellness Program, the company is instituting Fitness Challenges for its employees and tenants. We welcome anyone in the area to drop by to join us during their lunch hour for a quick fitness challenge each Monday.


Fitness Challenge

Monday, August 7th to Monday, August 30th

5 Push-Ups / 5 Sit-Ups / 5 Air Squats / Etc.


Each following Monday, 5 reps will be added to each of these exercises

When: From 12:45 PM to 1:00 PM

Where: Room N22, WTDC, 2801 NW 74th Ave, Miami, FL 33122 RSVP here




Seaboard Marine launches new service from PortMiami


Seaboard Marine, a Miami, FL based company, launched a new weekly service based on faster transit between PortMiami, Ecuador and two cities in Peru. The service will be supported by 3 dedicated vessels that will sail out weekly on Friday sailings through the Panama Canal to Guayaquil, Callao and Paita.


Read more: Seaboard Marine Launches a new Miami-South America Container Service published on American Shipper by Mark Edward Nero on July 24th 2017.





WTDC Intern Alumni Update:

Ivy Sousa Lellis


WTDC has an extensive network of WTDC Intern Alumni, students who have shared their time and efforts at WTDC with whom we still communicate and keep tabs on their accomplishments. Congratulations to former WTDC Intern Ms. Ivy Sousa Lellis who graduated this week from FIU with a Master of Science in Engineering Management. Way to go Ivy!



Sean Powers, WTDC Sales & Marketing Manager (left), Celebrating with Ivy Sousa Lellis (right) for her graduation

August 2nd Newsletter: Vera Gazitua promoted to General Manager, MDC Trade-Up - Read More

July 18 Newsletter:Fire Drill, MDC Summer Internship Trade-Up, KORUS, Miki Erez, Panama Canal

Posted on July 18th, 2017 at 2:31 pm


MDPD assists with WTDC Fire Drill


On July 18, the Miami Dade Police Department  Midwest District Neighborhood Resource Unit assisted WTDC with our Fire Drill. We work with our tenants, customers, and employees to educate them on evacuation routes and safety policies. Thank you MDPD!





5 Summer Interns from MDC Trade-Up Program join WTDC


WTDC is taking part in Miami-Dade College’s Trade-Up Summer Internship Program. High school students, from sophomores to seniors, are introduced into professional fields where they may be interested in working. 5 interns from Miami-Dade College’s Trade-Up Program are interning for 2 weeks to learn all aspects of logistics.


Miami Herald’s Jennifer Lu, in her July 3, 2017, article ‘These programs help high school students get real work experience’ reported: “Students will intern for 30 hours during the summer, (…) earning high school, and in some cases, college credit” for their internship experience. Click here for full article


WTDC believes it is imperative to educate the next generation of logistics professionals by supplementing their classroom learning with real-world experience in the field.




USTR revisits U.S.-Korea trade pact


On July 14, United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer notified the Republic of Korea of its intentions to open discussions on the future of the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS). Since the implementation of KORUS in March 2012, the US trade deficit with Korea has more than doubled: $13.2 billion to $27.6 billion.


Click to read the full article from

Global Trade Magazine


Image credit: Global Trade Magazine




Panama Canal Administrator reflects on 1st year of Big Ship era


Panama Canal Administrator Jorge Quijano recapped the first year of the extended Panama Canal in an in-depth interview with the Miami Herald. While the low price of crude oil has presented some challenges, Quijano noted a few highlights including the use of the expanded canal by cruise ships and that 1,535 Neopanamax vessels have made the new crossing.



Photo credit: Nicolas Psomas, Panama Canal Authority


Click here to read the full article from the Miami Herald



Health & Wellness Spotlight:

Miki Erez


As we grow WTDC\'s new Health & Wellness Program, we are continually meeting inspiring individuals who have dedicated their lives to health and wellness. We would like to showcase Mr. Miki Erez, founder & CEO of Wheelchair Fitness Solutions™, whose story inspired Ralph L. Gazitua, WTDC Chairman, who regularly encounters Mr. Erez during his visits to the gym.

Miki is a veteran of the Israeli Air Force. In 1973, while serving in a heavy lift helicopter squadron, Erez was injured which confined him to a wheelchair. Despite his injuries, Mr. Erez has been very active in the community, joining  Miami Heat Wheels (Miami’s official NWBA non-profit wheelchair basketball program), the Achilles Freedom Team of the US Army, and participated in Palm Beach and Homestead marathons.

Mr. Erez is an active gym enthusiast and after realizing how many people with injuries like his were struggling to keep an active life, he founded Wheelchair Fitness Solutions™.  His company is developing a prototype machine that will allow individuals with restrictions to exercise in the comfort of their home with full professional efficiency, video here.


We had the great pleasure of speaking with Mr. Erez, click here to read the extended Q&A on our website.





July 18 Newsletter:Fire Drill, MDC Summer Internship Trade-Up, KORUS, Miki Erez, Panama Canal - Read More

Health & Wellness Spotlight: Miki Erez

Posted on July 17th, 2017 at 9:44 am

For WTDC’s new Health & Wellness Program, we would like to showcase Mr. Miki Erez, founder & CEO of Wheelchair Fitness Solution™, whose story inspired Ralph L. Gazitua, WTDC Chairman, who regularly encounters Mr. Erez in his routine Gym visits.

                “Miki is a veteran of the Israeli Air Force, In 1973, while serving in a heavy lift helicopter squadron Erez was injured which confined him to a wheelchair.” Despite his injuries, Mr. Erez has been very active in the community, being part of Miami Heat Wheels (Miami’s official NWBA non-profit wheelchair basketball program), of the Achilles Freedom Team of the US Army; and participated in the Palm Beach and Homestead marathon.

Mr. Erez is an active gym enthusiast and after realizing how many people with injuries like his were struggling to keep an active life, he founded Wheelchair Fitness Solution™.  His company is developing a prototype machine that will allow individuals with restrictions to exercise in the comfort of their home with full professional efficiency. Please click the linkto watch the video of the machine.    - Video or click here


Miki Erez - Miami Heat Wheels

 Picture courtesy of Miami Heat Wheels                       



We had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Erez and he answered some questions for us and gave his opinion on WTDC’s Health & Wellness Program. 
Q&A with Miki Erez:

    Mr. Erez, why did you create your company Wheelchair Fitness Solution?


    For many years when I speak with disables individuals, and I tell them what I do for my activities, I found that some people don’t have the ability to go to the gym or to go swimming or to do all kind of different activities, for many reasons.

When I share my experience with these individuals I find out that they have a problem with following the exercises without them having the correct tools or abilities for that. So, I came up with an equipment that can help them do the most possible number of upper body exercises, as simple as possible, and that occupies the least amount of room conceivable.


    How long have you been an active gym enthusiast?


    I have been involved with sports all my life, not only gym, but running, swimming, exercising and especially after I got injured, I got more into the fitness and the exercises because I wanted to be independent and have a quality life. I wanted to have a long term of fitness.

I play basketball for the Miami Heat Wheels, and I participate in the Achilles Freedom Team of the US Army’s activities:  I race with them including the Miami marathon, Palm Beach marathon, Homestead race and other activities. Most of the members of the Achilles Freedom Team are US Army Wounded Veterans.


    What keeps you motivated to working out and living a healthier lifestyle?


    My biggest motivation is my frustration, I turn it into the fuel that keeps me going. When I come across physical challenges, that are hard for me to accomplish, I get frustrated and try to find a way for me to overcome it. I turn my obstacles into challenges instead of letting them get me down. Most of the training and motivation is comes from your mind, anybody can do anything they want if they set their mind to it. Sometimes when I have pains, I don’t want to do anything, but I focus myself harder and set my mind to it. My reward is to stay healthy fit and Independent.


    Mr. Erez, I know you are originally from Israel, what led you to Miami?


    The climate in Miami is very similar to Israel. I first visited the USA in 1976 when I came in the celebration of the United States Bicentennial year. I later visited the US again in 1979 when I came with the Israeli Disabled Veterans to honor the USA Disabled Veterans. One of the cities I visited was Miami and I enjoyed it very much. Now I live here with my Family, my wife, children and grandsons.


    How long did you serve for the Israeli forces?



        From 1968 to 1973, until I had my injury.


    Where did you meet Mr. Gazitua?



        I met him at L.A. Fitness which is the gym that I go to train daily. I play basketball and lift weights there.


    Mr. Erez, WTDC has recently opened a Health & Wellness program free for all its employee’s and tenants to practice a better and healthier lifestyle. What would you think about this program? And would you be interested in participating as a guest speaker?



    As you mentioned the subject, I also train people in hand to hand combat with the focus of getting fit with a purpose. I educate people about physical fitness and train them in something that may help them in their life. I learnt the combat art while I was in the Israeli Military.


    I personally think that the Health & Wellness Program is a great idea for any company. First, it shows that management cares about their employees, introducing them to opportunities to live a healthier lifestyle by providing them with the correct tools and instructions that will allow them to do it. But it all comes down to the individual’s responsibilities and motivation to be fit.


Health & Wellness Spotlight: Miki Erez - Read More

WTDC June 29 News: US-Cuba update, Cyzerg, Maersk, MDC Trade-Up, Interns

Posted on June 29th, 2017 at 4:35 pm


Independence Day - WTDC Closed


WTDC will be closed on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, in observance of Independence Day.


Please note that WTDC will be OPEN on Monday, July 3, as well as July 5th, 6th, and 7th, regular business hours 8 am to 5 pm, closed 12-1pm for lunch.






US-Cuba Relations Update: President Trump's New Cuba Policy


On June 16, in Miami's Little Havana, President Trump announced his new policy towards Cuba. As many expected, the policy limits individually booked travel itineraries (dubbed people to people encounters) and forbids investment and purchases with Cuban military enterprises (which can include anything from hotels to infrastructure companies). The new policy will spell out which Cuban companies are under military control and are prohibited for U.S. citizens and companies, a notable change from the somewhat vague parameters opened during the Obama administration. The existing U.S. embargo of Cuba, which can only be overturned by Congress, remains intact.


The U.S. Embassy in Havana will remain open as the countries continue diplomatic relations. Travel will still be allowed under certain guidelines but with more complete records keeping and limitations on where travelers may stay and spend their money. The door to Cuba  remains open for U.S. citizens and businesses but with a new emphasis on limiting funds that would have benefited the Cuban military and its business entities.


U.S. companies are already making changes as a result of these policy changes, including Southwest Airlines announcing yesterday that it would stop flying from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to Varadero and Santa Clara, Cuba. More on that announcement here.



Vendor Spotlight:

Cyzerg - Manuel Cassola


Protecting customer data and operating with maximum efficiency are technology requirements of all companies these days. WTDC would like to spotlight our vendor Cyzerg and its Chief Technical Advisor, Mr. Manuel Cassola:

"Cyzerg is a logistics technology solutions and service provider focused on research, development, implementation, and management of solutions for logistics businesses," Cassola said.


"Forged on the principles of innovation, integrity, and empowerment, Cyzerg is driven to bring innovative technology solutions to the logistics industry. With a personalized and partnership-driven approach, Cyzerg has the knowledge and desire to build a road map to success with you."


For more about Cyzerg, click their logo below



This is not a paid advertisement.



Maersk Operation Crippled by Cyber Attack


Operations of Moller-Maersk Group (Maersk) continue to suffer due to a major malicious software known as 'Petya.' The company is continuing to deliver cargo but it cannot communicate with customers or take on new bookings at this time.

TNT Express was targeted but states that no data breaches were made. Other large firms such as British ad agency WPP and Russian oil and gas company Roseneft were targeted.


On June 27th 2017, Maersk confirmed via Twitter that their systems are being affected by the Petya malware, delaying their global operations. They continue to update their Twitter feed as systems become available.

Click the image above to expand Maersk's Twitter announcement on the Petya attack


To read more about the 'Petya' malware please click here. Article by Olivia Solon and Alex Hern 'Petya' ransomware attack: what is it and how can it be stopped?' published on June 28, 2017.


To read more about the Maersk situation, please click here. Article by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen 'Maersk says global IT breakdown caused by cyber-attack" published on June 27, 2017.




Miami-Dade College Trade-Up Summer Internship Program


Miami-Dade College's Trade-Up Summer Internship Program introduces high school students to the logistics field through the classroom and workplace experience.

Ralph L. Gazitua, WTDC Chairman and Chair of MDC's Supply Chain Management Advisory Committee will be addressing the Trade-Up students on Friday, June 29th. Mr. Gazitua will speak of the many opportunities available in logistics and how Miami's place as a logistics hub has grown over the years. The Miami logistics community will require talented individuals to help it grow, and initiatives like Trade-Up represent a big step in the right direction.


MDC West in Doral, FL

To read more about the program please click here.



WTDC Health & Wellness Program & Intern Alexander Muñoz


WTDC's new Health & Wellness program offers healthy living initiatives for WTDC Employees. The Gazitua family are avid nutrition and fitness enthusiasts and see the Health & Wellness program as opportunity to bring this balance of sound mind and sound body they practice into the workplace.


WTDC welcomes Intern Alexander Muñoz to our new Health & Wellness Program. Alex is attending FIU and is Majoring in Nutrition & Dietetics, with ambition to become a Registered Dietician. Alex is also a fitness and nutrition enthusiast. He is creating a motivating atmosphere that promotes healthy habits here at WTDC for a happier and more productive workplace!




Click to visit FIU Career Services




WTDC Welcomes Orianna Camargo, Transportation Department Intern


WTDC welcomes Orianna Camargo to the team! Orianna, originally from Venezuela, is completing a summer Internship with WTDC Transportation Department and is a junior at Barry University, double majoring in International Business and Management. She is also a student-athlete part of the Barry University Rowing Team where she was part of the 2016 National Championship team. We're looking forward to good things from Orianna!




Click to Visit Barry University Career Services


WTDC June 29 News: US-Cuba update, Cyzerg, Maersk, MDC Trade-Up, Interns - Read More

WTDC June 15 News: Rollbacks to US-Cuba Policy, PortMiami welcomes largest ship

Posted on June 15th, 2017 at 11:29 am





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Offices for Lease


WTDC has offices that will become available for lease in the coming months. Offices range in size from 130 sq ft to 1200 sq ft.  Click here for more information


Managed by Amy Gamarra

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WTDC is a Foreign Trade Zone and Logistics Company, family owned and operated by the Gazitua family proudly celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2017. We are a full service logistics company specializing in international distribution and global transportation
management. We provide transportation services via Road, Rail, Air or Ocean.
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Licensed FMC, NVOCC, and IAC
Heavy Lift, packing & crating, vehicle loading, and public warehouse
Consulting Services: FTZ, Bonded Warehousing, Duty Drawback, FDA, etc.

June 15, 2017   Share



Rollbacks expected to US-Cuba policy during Trump announcement on Friday


President Trump is scheduled to speak in Miami's Little Havana on Friday where most expect an announcement to rollback advances made to U.S.-Cuba relations relating to trade and tourism made during the Obama administration.


As timing would have it, WTDC handled a container to Cuba this week for the 4th of July celebration at the US Embassy in Havana. With expected changes on the way, this shipment may very well mark the end of U.S. companies exploring business opportunities on the island for the near future.


The Gazitua family has visited the island seven times; five times to examine the logistics infrastructure on the island since President Obama made the announcement to open relations with Cuba, and twice for religious pilgrimages, one to see Pope Benedict and the other to see Pope Francis. Mr. Ralph L. Gazitua, WTDC Chairman, was among the few to witness the raising of the American Flag at the US Embassy in Havana.



Mr. Gazitua pictured with U.S. Marines at the home of U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis in Havana, celebrating the raising of the American flag at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, August 14, 2015.




WTDC's Safety & Security Committee


In response to a number of unfortunate and tragic recent events, Ralph L. Gazitua, WTDC Chairman & MDPD Chaplain, was concerned for the safety of his staff and family. He decided to start WTDC's Safety & Security Committee (SSC). This committee is intended not just for WTDC employees, but for any of our colleagues who would like more information on how to respond to an emergency situation.

WTDC has organized support from Miami Dade Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security, which has volunteered one of its officers to inform and train those interested in how to respond to an Active Shooter Scenario.

If you would like to RSVP to join us for this seminar, or for additional information, please click here. A complimentary lunch will be provided.


Active Shooter Scenario led by Miami Dade Police Department & Department of Homeland Security, a WTDC Safety and Security Seminar

  -Tuesday, June 20, 2017

  -12 pm

  -WTDC, Suite N-22, 2801 NW 74th Ave

  -Miami, FL 33122



Mr. Gazitua attended a 6 hour training in Urban Combat Skills, Live Ammo, and Tactical Pistol Training led by NRA Instructor Joseph Yeampierre of Allstate Training Academy at the  Florida Gun Center.



Port Miami welcomes largest ship to date


This week the Maersk Shanghai docks in PortMiami. The Maersk Shanghai, towering at over 1,063 ft long and 159 ft wide,  would have not been able to sail through PortMiami before the recent widening and dredging of its shipping channel.


For More on the topic, read the article "Biggest Container Ship Ever To Call At a Florida Port Arrives At PortMiami" by Mimi Whitefield in the Miami Herald published on June 14th, 2017.

Photo:CM Guerrero, Miami Herald


WTDC June 15 News: Rollbacks to US-Cuba Policy, PortMiami welcomes largest ship - Read More

WTDC May 16 News: Three Directors, One Stage; WTDC New Interns; Record Setting Ship sails through Panama Canal

Posted on May 16th, 2017 at 3:51 pm


Three Directors, One Stage


On May 5, WTDC attended WorldCity's 'World Trade Month Kick-off Luncheon' which was held at Coral Gables Country Club. More than 200 people listened as three of South Florida's port directors took the stage.


Juan M. Kuryla, PortMiami Director and Chief Executive, Emilio Gonzalez, Aviation Director and CEO of Miami International Airport, and Steven Cernak, Chief Executive and Port Director for Port Everglades each gave updates and their comments seem to be in accordance with Ken Roberts, President of WorldCity, who said  trade through South Florida seems to be “back on good footing.”


Miami Herald: 'After a four year slide, South Florida trade prospects improving' by Mimi Whitefield. May 5, 2017.



PortMiami Twitter



WTDC Welcomes Elin Ekdahl,

Sales & Marketing Intern



WTDC Intern Elin Ekdahl recently joined our Sales & Marketing team for a Summer Internship. Originally from Sweden, Elin moved to the USA to attend Barry University, where she is currently a  Junior majoring in International Business. She is also a starter for their Women's Basketball team. Welcome to WTDC Elin!


Click to Visit Barry University Career Services



WTDC Welcomes Matias Perez-Albela, Operations Intern



WTDC welcomes Matias Perez-Albela to the team! Matias, originally from Peru, is completing an Internship with WTDC Operations and is a junior at FIU, double majoring in Finance and Logistics & Supply Chain Management. We're looking forward to good things from Matias!


Click to visit FIU Career Services



Record setting ship sails through Panama Canal and up East Coast


The Chinese vessel COSCO Development became the largest 'Neopanamax' ship to traverse the Panama Canal during the first week of May. At 1200 feet long and with an enormous capacity of 13,092 TEUs (1 TEU = 20 foot container equivalent), the COSCO vessel is 300 feet longer and has a can hold 8,000 more TEUs than vessels passing through the original canal.


Miami Herald: 'Big-ship era dawns for East Coast as record-setting ship transits Panama Canal' by Mimi Whitefield. May 4, 2017.



Panama Canal Authority



WTDC Chairman, Guest Speaking at Christian Chamber of Greater Miami

May 16th, Ralph L. Gazitua, WTDC Chairman is guest speaking at the Christian Chamber of Greater Miami.


Mr. Gazitua was ordained a deacon at St. Mary's Cathedral by Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy 30 years ago, on May 2, 1987. Deacon Gazitua has balanced his spiritual responsibilities as deacon with his commitments to his family and his career.


Mr. Gazitua is a successful businessman and community leader.  He is also well known for his religious service to his church.


Deacon Gazitua is engaged in several church ministries including the Law Enforcement and Firefighters (LEAF) Emmaus. His role in detention ministry at Everglades Correctional, where he leads RCIA and Liturgy of the Word for inmates each week, led to his assignment as Chaplain to Miami-Dade Police Department. 


The Gazitua family owns and operates WTDC, a Foreign Trade Zone and Logistics company that celebrated its 40th anniversary this March. Ralph is WTDC's Chairman and his two sons are also involved in the company: Luis Andre Gazitua is Legal Counsel and operates his own law firm Gazitua Letelier PA, and Sean P. Gazitua was promoted this year as WTDC's President & CEO.


Over his decorated professional career, Ralph has held appointments to numerous boards including The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County Trust, Beacon Council, FIU President's Council, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, and serves currently as Miami Dade College's Chair for Supply Chain Management Advisory Council, and is an inductee of the Miami-Dade College Hall of Fame.



WTDC May 16 News: Three Directors, One Stage; WTDC New Interns; Record Setting Ship sails through Panama Canal - Read More