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Ecommerce fulfillment in China can refer to any aspects of order processing, storage and shipping services, and pick, pack and ship services that fulfill orders from a business to its customers, either to or from the country of China. Many of our clients at WTDC need fulfillment services for orders that are processed from a variety of channels- including products from overseas from export juggernauts like China. As ecommerce is becoming such an integral part of commerce, WTDC is able to fit the needs of fulfillment for all sorts of clients, many of which process orders for their customers through the internet. Ecommerce fulfillment in China can have its own set of challenges, including software challenges and making changes to fit different ecommerce platforms. There software systems have to be tailored to the shipping systems as well as the rules and common practives of business in the Republic of China. Fulfillment for ecommerce can include B2B or B2C Services, as both forms of business are evolving on the internet. As China is a major exporter globally, import and export between South, Central and Northern America, and Europe, ecommerce fulfillment has become an integral part of doing order processing for international business, whether you have a partnership with a business in China or are ordering in bulk or real time for products being exported or imported with China. Some aspects of the services that WTDC provides that integrate with ecommerce fulfillment and make it extremely efficient for businesses dealing with imports and exports with China include an online inventory control system, kitting and custom assembly,packing and crating, and "pick & pack." Even for ecommerce, some clients have marketing materials that are integrated with a client's ecommerce business. Using these marketing materials and managing them in the ordering process can be an important aspect of the service to come clients and we take every aspect seriously. Just as different clients have different needs, we try to provide every service possible so that we can deliver ever service that clients need efficiently. WTDC has an inventory control team that processes all sizes of shipments that are both B2B and B2C. We help our client integrate the whole process, including purchasing, warehousing, and shipping. Sourcing goods from anywhere in the world is not a problem for doing ecommerce fulfillment for clients. As many importers do business with producers in China, knowing the common practices of business and dealing with the logistics of import and export as it relates to ecommerce fulfillment is a specialized process. That includes handling goods from the manufacturer's door in China all the way to the customer or business. No good or goods is too big or two small. WTDC can manage the entire supply chain for ecommerce fulfillment and help you reduce your cost and efficiency. Inbound and outbound logistics, online inventory management, and streamlining the entire ecommerce fulfillment process to and from China is what we do.


Ecommerce Fulfillment in China is a growing aspect and needed part of the worldwide export business nowadays. With the initiation of Ecomerce Fulfillment in China, many retail store owners have more options to sell their products provided by distributors and manufacturers all over the world. The consumers have a wide variety of choices. Production costs are greatly reduced through proper logistics systems and income has greatly increased for many international businesses. According to many business forecasters, Ecommerce Fulfillment for businesses in China is still in its infancy. Business owners in these countries are slowly adopting ecommerce but haven't yet applied this as a principal channel in growing their businesses. Internet experts expect ecommerce growth in China in the coming years since the number of internet users who make purchases online are significantly increasing too. There is an increasing penetration of domestic ecommerce and investments in China is recently comparative to Japan, United Kingdom and South Korea-- and experts say that online shopping will increase significantly in the coming years in China. Ecommerce Fulfillment in China is evolving rapidly as many users seek to shop online. Shopping online is more convenient for many people. Ecommerce encompasses the activities that a firm develops for selling and buying products over the internet. It does not only include online shopping but also web advertising, electronic payment systems, order management and sales force automation. Ecommerce Fulfillment in China is also opening up because of flexibility offered by computer networks and the internet. Even though some restrictions have been placed on internet users in China, a great deal of products are exported to other markets like the United States. Efficient ecommerce fulfillment creates new opportunities for conducting activities online and companies can work together to design and build new products.