Duty-Free & Travel Retail Inventory Management​


Worldwide Logistics for Duty Free and Travel Retail

WTDC is a logistics provider to many of the top portfolios in the Duty Free and Travel Retail industry. We are a one stop shop for worldwide shipping, consolidations, Foreign Trade Zone inventory control, cruise ship delivery, and US Customs documentation.


WTDC has tailored its operations and customer service to fit the specific requirements of FTZ bonded inventory for the Duty-Free and Travel Retail Industry. We act as an extension of the Duty-Free and Travel Retail distribution infrastructure for our customers. We have extensive experience handling inventory of duty-free liquor, tobacco, electronics, jewelry, and fragrances.


WTDC organizes U.S. Customs documentation to maintain 100% compliance with CBP, TTB, and the State of Florida. For liquor samples, WTDC also maintains licensing with the State of Florida and TTB, and is well versed in the COLA waiver process.


Every day, WTDC receives foreign and domestic inventory into its Foreign Trade Zone in Miami, FL, for the Duty-Free, Travel Retail, and export markets. WTDC has the industry experience and U.S. government licenses to handle in-transit Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) inventory and documentation.


Inventory information, including arriving products, items on hand, PO management, lot tracking, orders in process, and previously shipped goods, along with their corresponding PODs, are available 24/7 in the Customer Portal on WTDC.com.


WTDC’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) tracks Foreign Trade Zone
inventory by SKU number, part number, lot number, or serial number.

WTDC is 1 mile from Miami International Airport. Duty-Free and Travel Retail inventory are easily accessible to your transportation carrier. As a Foreign Trade Zone, US Bonded warehouse, Container Freight Station (CFS), and In-Bond Export Consolidator (IBEC), WTDC is a turnkey logistics service provider for Duty-Free and Travel Retail inventory. As a family-owned and operated Foreign Trade Zone & Logistics Company since its founding in 1977, WTDC has the reputation and commitment to service demanded by Duty-Free & Travel Retail suppliers.

Travel Retail Superstars Winner

WTDC received two Travel Retail Superstars Awards from duty free and travel retail publisher The Moodie Davitt Report in 2021. Team WTDC won the Star Team Americas: Logistics/ Warehouse Award and WTDC President & CEO Sean Gazitua won the Humanity, Leadership, & Inspiration Award. The 2021 Travel Retail Superstars Awards were the first edition of an annual awards for travel retail employees across airport, airline, downtown store and cruise sectors.