Internship Program

WTDC’s internship program has been an excellent opportunity for employees to share their knowledge of the logistics industry with college students. Students in the WTDC internship program develop skills in shipping, transportation, and warehousing while gaining an invaluable introduction to the professional workplace.

Intern Vania Arredondo joined her FIU IBHS classmates Fernando Menendez and Valentina Rojas at WTDC for Summer 2023. Mr. Menendez and Ms. Rojas started at WTDC as Interns during Fall 2022 and are now part-time employees.

The internship program began at WTDC in 2008. Since then, over 100 students have honed their business skills at our company. We have developed relationships in higher education at each of the local universities. This process has yielded consistent talent for our organization and has fostered a symbiotic relationship that adds valuable experience to the students, professors, and administrators responsible for creating logistics-based curricula.

Local universities have since used WTDC as an example organization for companies looking to create an internship infrastructure. WTDC adopted a “Creativity over Productivity” motto for the program, one that drives home the goal for the internship to be a true learning-based experience. In turn, our student interns have been able to grow into their roles as well-rounded young businessmen and businesswomen.

For more information on WTDC’s Internship Program or how to get involved with your local universities, please contact us.

Application Instructions:

Please send your resume and cover letter to

Qualified applicants will be contacted within 2 days of resume submission

WTDC hires seven Interns from FIU Business

Sean Gazitua, President and CEO of WTDC, with spring 2021 FIU interns Leahanna Sine (U.S.); Jibin Jinu, India; Calvin Mittra, Bangladesh; Julia Leitao, Brazil; Andressa Souza, Brazil; Isabella Palmese, Honduras; and Kristina Khudiakova, Russia.


In order to reach each goal described above, the internship program will be structured into the following segments:
Assessment, training, project, evaluation


A project will be assigned to each intern according to their skills, background, interests, and WTDC needs. Interns will be given organized tasks and responsibilities that can be measured by objectives.

Projects are important because:

Here are some examples of Projects:

Interns will also assist in the day-to-day activities of WTDC. They will have an opportunity to learn from different departments.

Learning Process

Beyond the initial training, the Interns will have an opportunity to shadow WTDC employees.

The shadowing sessions could cover:


WTDC will evaluate each intern according to specific professional and technical skills. The evaluation will be given by the supervisor and will remain confidential to any other employees and interns. The goal is to provide valuable feedback to the intern, identifying strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.


Job Title:
No of Openings:
Work Schedule:
Hours per Week:
Employment Start Date:

Marketing Intern
9-15 weeks. Part-time

Detailed description of position


Application Instructions:

Please send your resume and cover letter to

Qualified applicants will be contacted within 2 days of resume submission