MDPD assists with WTDC Fire Drill

On July 18, the Miami Dade Police Department  Midwest District Neighborhood Resource Unit assisted WTDC with our Fire Drill. We work with our tenants, customers, and employees to educate them on evacuation routes and safety policies. Thank you MDPD!

5 Summer Interns from MDC Trade-Up Program join WTDC

WTDC is taking part in Miami-Dade College’s Trade-Up Summer Internship Program. High school students, from sophomores to seniors, are introduced into professional fields where they may be interested in working. 5 interns from Miami-Dade College’s Trade-Up Program are interning for 2 weeks to learn all aspects of logistics.

Miami Herald’s Jennifer Lu, in her July 3, 2017, article ‘These programs help high school students get real work experience’ reported: “Students will intern for 30 hours during the summer, (…) earning high school, and in some cases, college credit” for their internship experience. Click here for the full article

WTDC believes it is imperative to educate the next generation of logistics professionals by supplementing their classroom learning with real-world experience in the field.

Panama Canal Administrator reflects on 1st year of Big Ship era

Panama Canal Administrator Jorge Quijano recapped the first year of the extended Panama Canal in an in-depth interview with the Miami Herald. While the low price of crude oil has presented some challenges, Quijano noted a few highlights including the use of the expanded canal by cruise ships and that 1,535 Neopanamax vessels have made the new crossing.

Photo credit: Nicolas Psomas, Panama Canal Authority

Click here to read the full article from the Miami Herald

Health & Wellness Spotlight:

Miki Erez

As we grow WTDC’s new Health & Wellness Program, we are continually meeting inspiring individuals who have dedicated their lives to health and wellness. We would like to showcase Mr. Miki Erez, Founder & CEO of Wheelchair Fitness Solutions™, whose story inspired Ralph L. Gazitua, WTDC Chairman, who regularly encounters Mr. Erez during his visits to the gym.

Miki is a veteran of the Israeli Air Force. In 1973, while serving in a heavy-lift helicopter squadron, Erez was injured which confined him to a wheelchair. Despite his injuries, Mr. Erez has been very active in the community, joining  Miami Heat Wheels (Miami’s official NWBA non-profit wheelchair basketball program), the Achilles Freedom Team of the US Army, and participated in Palm Beach and Homestead marathons.

Mr. Erez is an active gym enthusiast and after realizing how many people with injuries like his were struggling to keep an active life, he founded Wheelchair Fitness Solutions™.  His company is developing a prototype machine that will allow individuals with restrictions to exercise in the comfort of their home with full professional efficiency, video here.

We had the great pleasure of speaking with Mr. Erez, click here to read the extended Q&A on our website.