Art Basel hits the Beach

Art Basel, its satellite fairs, and a collection of independent art shows and galleries brighten up Miami each December. Art patrons flock to Miami Beach and the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami  in search of good weather (highs in the 80s) and world class art exhibitions (250 galleries exhibiting at Art Basel alone). Art Basel continues its residency at Miami Beach Convention Center and is open to the public Thursday to Sunday.

Official Art Basel

Huffington Post: Events You Can not Miss

Wynwood\’s Jose de Diego Middle School transformed by street artists

The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum at FIU hosts its annual Breakfast in the Park on December 7, 9:30 to Noon, an opportunity to share breakfast, a lecture by renowned American contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, and guided tours of The Sculpture Park. More from Frost

FTZ Temperature Control WarehousingComing Soon! 

WTDC will be ready to offer FTZ Temperature Control Warehousing.  With an ambient temperature of 65-70 degrees and humidity controls, this space is ideal to store wines, dairy based liqueurs, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and sensitive electronics.

Internships at WTDC

The internship program began at WTDC four years ago and over that time 45 students have honed their business skills at our company. We have developed relationships in higher education at each of the local universities, a process that has not only yielded consistent talent for our organization but also a symbiotic relationship developed where we are able to add value to the students, professors, and administrators responsible for creating logistics based curriculum.

Local universities have since used WTDC as an example organization for companies looking to create an Internship infrastructure. We’ve adopted a “Creativity over Productivity” motto for the program, one that drives home the requirement for the Internship to be a true learning based environment and not one of employee day-to-day responsibility. In turn, our student interns have been able to grow into their roles as well-rounded young businessmen and businesswomen.

For more information on WTDC’s Internship Program or how to get involved with your local universities, click here.

FTZ Milestone

WTDC received its 1,000th Foreign Trade Zone Inbound since going live two years ago in December 2012. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) operations can be successful cost reduction tools for companies importing or exporting in the United States. WTDC provides Foreign Trade Zone Warehousing and Foreign Trade Zone Consulting.

A few FTZ Benefits:

– Save time with electronic Customs Documentation (7512s and 214s)

– Simplified inventory management (No need to separate entries)

– Weekly or monthly summary entries (MPF savings)