Inventory Management

The WMS system supports intelligent RF devices (RF) to monitor the receiving, stowing, storage, and release of your cargo. These devices are hand-held computers that warehouse personnel use to manage your cargo. Each device is linked to our databases of information, which allows instant access to data.

The inventory management starts in RF receiving. Since every warehouse task is tracked in real-time, the stowing process is assigned zones or bin locations immediately upon receiving items. Storage locations are instantly made available to the entire system. Inventory replenishment tasks are provided based on shipments and order fulfillment. This information can help you make decisions about maintaining ideal inventory levels to meet your customers’ demands.

Order processing allows for consolidation, sequencing, and prioritizing. Our picking systems allow for RF interaction, including paper trails and label printing. You can assign staging locations and manage the order queue. Lot tracking and serial number control are also provided. The shipping process is validated by real-time RF interaction. This allows for verification of the picking accuracy and creates a manifest of orders being shipped.