June 1, 2016, marks the first day of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. We have prepared a WTDC Hurricane Preparedness Guide 2016 and Hurricane Preparedness Tips. Please keep this information handy for future reference.

1. HURRICANE ALERT: (72 hours)
Issued by Miami-Dade County if readiness actions are required.2. HURRICANE WATCH: (24 to 36 hours)
Covers a specific area and time period. Indicates Hurricane conditions are possible usually between 24 to 36 hours.

3. HURRICANE WARNING: (24 hours – WTDC closed)

Issued 24 hours before hurricane conditions (winds greater than 74 MPH) are expected in the area. If the hurricane path changes quickly, the warning may be issued 10 to 18 hours, before the storm makes landfall. A warning will also identify where dangerously high water and waves are forecast, even though winds may be less than hurricane force.

Emergency contacts during HURRICANE WARNING for WTDC
• WTDC Main Line 305-594-7484
• Ginger Diez cell 305-588-8071 (Operations
• Sean Gazitua cell 305-609-5295 (Operations)
• Sean Powers cell 305-528-9050 (Office Space)
• Ralph Gazitua cell 305-903-5295

1. Hurricane Alert Recommendations:
Make sure the person in charge of safety in your office or warehouse has stocked with the basic supplies for hurricane preparedness (labels, plastic bags, tarps, waterproof tape, storage boxes, data backup media, etc) Make sure there is an up-to-date contact list for your organization’s staff and that this list has been properly distributed.

2. Hurricane Watch Recommendations:
Be prepared to take action if advised to do so. Make sure advisory announcements (by county or weather services) are monitored. Begin preparation in case HURRICANE WARNING is imminent. Prepare home and office for impending weather.

3. Hurricane Warning Recommendations:
At this point, WTDC policy will be to discontinue operations and dismiss non-essential
personnel. We recommend tenants to do the same.

Recovery Recommendations:
 WTDC’s objective is to resume operations 24 hours after the announcement is made that a hurricane has passed. Contact emergency numbers and check our Twitter account (@WTDC) for updates https://twitter.com/WTDC

Hurricane Preparedness Tips