Limited supply drives pallet price

Pallet suppliers in South Florida and across the country are raising prices in light of the most recent pallet shortage. While the cost of pallets may not be be discussed as widely as fuel surcharges, it is every bit as integral to the base pricing passed along by logistics service providers to their customers.

What is driving this recent hike? For one thing, the price of lumber has skyrocketed: U.S. lumber prices increased by almost 85% from late 2011 to April 2013.

Pallet scarcity has followed the general curve of all lumber, a supply that dwindled through disease (pine beetle) and economic factors tied to the recession (nearly half of all U.S. mills closed due to decreased demand and those that have reopened are slow to ramp up production). Current demand from the recovering U.S. housing market (new housing starts were up 28% in May over the same time last year) and sustained Chinese buying have further strained the available supply.

Pallet, logistics service providers

Pallet, logistics service providers

Hurricane Preparedness 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea developed seemingly overnight in the Gulf of Mexico and made landfall in Florida on June 7, a surprise reminder that hurricane season is once again upon us. According to the Florida Division of Emergency Management over 40% of businesses that close due to hurricanes never reopen. Each company should take the time to ask themselves: What would I do if my company was impacted by a disaster?

By evaluating the risks (property damage, business down time, loss of communication and data) then developing a plan of action for response and recovery (Procedures for employee and customer notification, Procedures for operation cloud computing, insurance), companies can mitigate their risk to such disasters.

FEMA offers a number of useful tips on how to protect your business on its website:

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Congratulations to Vera Gazitua, WTDC Accounting Dept, our July Employee of the Month!

Vera Gazitua, Accounting Department, Employee of the Month