A number of distillers have pivoted their operations from producing spirits to producing hand sanitizer in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. WTDC has been assisting companies with the logistics to get their hand sanitizer out to hospitals, senior care centers, and first responders. With its high alcohol content, hand sanitizer requires hazardous placards for transportation which may be a new avenue for some distillers to navigate but WTDC has been happy to assist.

WTDC Brokerage and Transportation departments are working alongside our customers to keep on-top of the changing regulations from FDA & CBP on imports of COVID-19 test kits, N95 masks, ventilators, and other medical supplies.

We provide foreign to foreign transportation and duty-paid door to door services in the U.S. for FDA approved supplies as a Customs Broker. As a Foreign Trade Zone, WTDC can store cargo in-bond then deliver door to door delivery into foreign countries, paying duties via our agent network upon their arrival. WTDC also offers cargo verification and escrow services, useful tools to buyers and sellers.

WTDC – Logistics for Medical Supplies