Panama Transportation

WTDC’s air and ocean freight forwarding services between Panama and Miami’s Foreign Trade Zone 281 in the US facilitate import/export logistics for our partners in both nations.

With various countries in Central America boasting borders on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, only Panama’s famous canal offers a direct connection between both bodies of water. This makes the Colón Free Trade Zone (CFZ) in Panama City the second largest FTZ in the world – only one of over a dozen concentrated in the small nation.

Geographic locations established to promote large-scale product transportation with no limits on serving the global domestic market’s demand, FTZ’s in Panama encourage industrial processing of goods and services. By simply paying import duties, businesses in this region can move air or ocean freight forwarding in at the pace of your demands. Panamanian and established foreign legal entities may work in FTZ’s, however, they are controlled by custom, exchange, and fiscal laws that encourage international air or ocean freight forwarding in Panama.

Warehousing over 3000 companies that move billions worth of imports/exports a year, Panamanian freight forwarding to and from the US is a cornerstone of global commerce. Multinational transporters from the Eastern Hemisphere and the Americas converge in this location, making global trading in Panama one of WTDC’s focal points.

WTDC’s Panamanian freight forwarding services include:

Foreign Trade Zone Warehousing (FTZ 281-4)

Customs Bonded Warehousing in the USA

Container Freight Station (CFS)

Online Inventory Control and Transportation Management

Freight forwarding, licensed FMC, NVOCC, IATA, and IAC

Complete Air & Sea import and export services in the USA

Packing & Crating, Transload, and Vehicle Loading

Consulting Services: Bonded Warehousing, Duty Drawback, and FDA

FTZ temperature control storage

US Customs clearance

Out of Gauge and Break Bulk transportation

WTDC manages objective, secure commerce for all associated parties concerned with freight forwarding, warehousing, and transporting between the US and Panama to facilitate concentration on business interests.

WTDC is a company based out of FTZ 281, in the Port of Miami, Florida owned and operated by the Gazitua family specializing in global distribution and international transportation management since 1977.