US-Cuba relations update: First commercial flight to Cuba

On August 31, the first commercial flight in over 50 years from the United States to Cuba landed in Santa Clara, Cuba. The Jet Blue flight from Ft. Lauder dale, Florida, to Santa Clara, lasted only about 45 minutes but was greeted with much fanfare upon departure and arrival. Two Jet Blue pilots of Cuban descent were tapped for the historic flight. Commercial airlines had already flown to Cuba from the United States but only as charters until this flight. Travelers with approved visas can now book tickets online or from the ticket counter for flights from 12 U.S. cities to Cuba.

(Photo: Rhona Wise, AFP/Getty Images)

Miami conference to feature case studies from entrepreneurs and investors doing business in re-opening Cuban markets

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Brazil’s President Rousseff ousted, successor Temer shifts focus to international trade and investment

On August 31, Brazil’s Senate voted 61-20 to impeach President Dilma Rousseff for breaking budget laws. Former Vice President and now acting President Michel Temer is already off to China for the G-20 Summit. His full slate of travels to bolster foreign trade, investment, and confidence in Brazil’s economy will also take him to New York for the UN General Assembly and later to India for a BRICS summit.

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From Thor-themed scotch to bacon bourbon, 10 strange inspirations for whiskeys

The Spirits Business published an entertaining list of 10 ‘strange’ inspirations for whiskeys around the world including labels named after the family dog, a spirit named for a local legend, and a Highland Park line based on the Norse gods Odin, Thor, Loki, and Freya (pictured below):

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Jose Ramirez joins WTDC as Intern

Welcome, Jose Ramirez! Mr. Ramirez is a Student Intern from FIU with WTDC Operations and Customer Service. He is from Caracas, Venezuela, and earned his undergraduate degree from Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas. Mr. Ramirez is graduating in December 2016 with a Masters in Engineering Management, Logistics Track, from FIU.