The Flow of Goods: Transload and Cross-Dock Explained


Efficient logistics and supply chain management play a crucial role in the success of businesses that rely on the smooth flow of goods.Transloading and cross-docking are essential for reducing costs, enhancing speed, and ensuring products reach their destinations on time. As the Gateway to the Americas, Miami is a hub for transloads. WTDC specializes in […]

MIA – Modernization in Action

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MIA – Modernization in Action WTDC Newsletter – June 6, 2023 President’s Corner With Memorial Weekend in the rearview and schools out for summer, finally we are now in the full swing of rainy season in South Florida. Furthermore, WTDC is built above dock height and not in a flood plain. Lastly, WTDC is not […]

5G roll out suspended near US airports

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WTDC Newsletter – January 19, 2022 President’s Corner In 2022, WTDC will celebrate our 45th anniversary. On a call last week, I was reminded of our family legacy in the logistics industry when my counterpart said that he, his father, and his uncle all worked for my grandfather LR Gazitua, grandmother Mercedes, uncle John, and […]